With the use of Epicure Digital Menu Boards integrated with Computrition solutions, Dartmouth displays real-time menu choices, allergen and nutritional information as well as religious classification. The use of automation as opposed to manually typed-out allergen information on the menus reduces the chance of typos and human error. The savings seen with the integration of Computrition and Epicure has been 40 administrative hours per week and approximately $75 per week in paper and toner supplies...By streamlining the menu board systems for both ’53 Commons and Courtyard Café, supervisors and managers have been able to spend less time on the computer and more time on the floor. This allows for increased customers service which in turn creates a more satisfied customer base; increasing the bottom line.

– Arliene Belock, Administrative & Catering Coordinator,

Dartmouth Dining Services.

This Epicure Digital Centra Menu System is integrated with the Computrition Hospitality Suite® and Txt-n-Tell® on two two-screen LCD menu boards in the Courtyard Café; and at the ’53 Commons AYCTE dining hall on one LCD Greeter Board and 18 LCD food station menu boards.


All of the menu board layouts were engineered by Epicure Digital. All of the background images were provided by Dartmouth College.

Dartmouth College Wins Computrition 2017 Prodigy Award


Congratulations to Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, NH, for taking first place in the Computrition 2017 Prodigy Award contest!

Read about it at Computrition and in Campus Dining Today.


Computrition's Prodigy Award is designed for recognizing and showcasing customers who demonstrate innovative and successful use of their products and solutions, improving financial and operational performance in the foodservice industry.

Menu & Greeter Board Engineering & Information Management

Menu & Greeter Board Design

  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Buying: search, select  & license stock food photography
  • Animate Food Photography

Epicure Digital Looping LiveText Blocks

Epicure Digital Content Management System

Integrated with Computrition Hospitality Suite®

Integrated with Txt-n-Tell

  • Txt-n-Tell allows students to send text messaging to key managers with requests and feedback with almost instantaneous responses displayed as part of those menu boards. This is a first of its kind combination for both companies, combining their software of menu boards and active feedback messaging into one display to the delight and engagement of the Dartmouth community.

Dartmouth College: 53 Commons

Dartmouth College: Courtyard Cafe

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